The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hope is Just a Wish

What is hope?

     Well, there is no way I can say this without sounding like edgy trash but...

     I believe that hope is just a wish, a synonym to be more exact. Hope comes from the same place whishes do.

     When someone says "I hope you do well," that is the same as saying, "I wish you luck." Or when you hope that you'll get that one expensive piece of nonsense, when really that's just a wish too.

     A wish is something that you HOPE you could eventually have, experience, etc. People hope for world peace, but it is more like they wish for it.

     A bit harsh? Sorry.

     Hope is word that has been thrown around to signal faith and what not, and wish was made to seem like a hope that is almost unreachable, but hope is just as far down the road as any other miscellaneous wish. The more accurate word that people are looking for in terms of 'hope' is 'believing'.

     Truth be told, I do not believe that we will ever achieve world piece and everything is going to go careening down until there is nothing left because the human race is to petty and uncooperative, but I would like to believe that there are plenty of good people on this planet, and that very little can make a huge difference...

     In metaphorical terms anyway.

     I don't have a story to tell you unless you feel like reading an entire novel's worth of reading, so here you go, my thoughts on the term 'hope'.

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