The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Unbroken" Excerpt: Fictional Narrative

Looking down, I try to calmly take in my surroundings.  My eyes that are barely adjusting come to the conclusion that it is is dark - no, it is dimly lit.  In the distance a lamp is on, it’s light weak enough so that it barely touches me, giving the black sofa that I reside in a feeble orange glow.  I close my eyes and inhale deeply, trying to focus my mind, but I can’t.
The monster is in my head.
“Hey,” A man orders me suddenly, abruptly bringing me out of my trance. “Look up.”
With a second’s delay, I force my head up to look at my mentor, Darius.  As always, he shows his overused concern not on his face, but in his eyes.  The blood red color in his eyes slightly glo and stand out in the poor lighting of the room.  Within him, the color of fury is turned into that of love.
He thinks he’s going to lose me.
Darius makes sure not to come to close to me and asks, “Are you alright?”
Him having to keep his distance ticks a nerve in me, but I know that it isn’t his fault.  This spirit - no, demon inside of me makes it a dangerous task for people to get close to me, which gives me both mental and physical pain.  I can’t even hug my own mother, let alone my father figure, Darius.
With a huff, I answer, “No. Whatever it is… it keeps trying to take over my brain. It’s like me but… a different person.”  I think deeply about what I had just said, about the slightest idea that something else will be able to take over my body.  It is a thought that makes me cringe at the thought that I could no longer be ME.  All I know so far is that this demon thing wants to do destructive deeds using my corps, things that I could never imagine myself doing.
“Please tell me that this is a tumor,” I half joke.
Suddenly walking into the scene, someone asks, “Is there a way that we can get whatever is inside of her out?”
Darius glances at his nephew, Dominic, and then back to me with his fingers on his chin.  For a full minute he did this, wasting time staring at me and then to the floor.  While he was doing that, he actively tried to avoid making eye contact with Dominic.
Oh it’s bad.
Things are real bad when he doesn’t want to tell Dominic.
“I don’t know,” Darius lies.  “But until we figure out what’s going on, she’ll be staying here.”
For a moment, that doesn’t sound to bad, but then Dominic asks, “What are you going to tell her mother?”
Darius jaw ticks ever so slightly, knowing that keeping me will include a confrontation with my mother. “I’ll think of something, but both her mother and sister are human.  If something were to happen-”
“They wouldn’t be able to protect themselves,” I finish for him.
Darius doesn't hesitate to nod.  “Until either you or someone else figures out what is wrong with you, you will not be seen by the general public.”  With that said, Darius gives both Dominic and I a stern look before retreating upstairs.
Now it’s just me and Dominic.
The idiot makes sure that Darius is nowhere to be seen and does the opposite of what he was told; he invades my personal space and comes to kneel down right in front of where I sit.
“What the heck are you doing?” I ask him.
“I don’t want you to feel isolated,” Dominic answers matter-o-factly, provoking a smirk to appear onto my face.
He wants something from you, a whispered voice in my head interjects.  I frown at the sudden not-me thought.
Dominic gives me a quizzical look, telling me that he sensed that something was off.  “Are you OK?”
“Y-yeah…” I begin, but I am soon interrupted by a strange throbbing in my head.
At first it is not that serious, but then it begins to feel as if someone is banging on my head with a hammer -repeatedly and as hard as they can possibly manage-. The excruciating beat causes me to clutch my head, ball up, and shut my eyes closed in a sad attempt to suppress my pain.
A muffled voice tries to say something, and a pair of hands grab at my arms, only amplifying the pain.   “GO AWAY!” I shout at no one in particular, hoping yelling will ease the random torture.
The pain in my head suddenly subsides, but when I open my eyes, all I can see around me is a thick blanket of black.
Did I just die?
“No,” A woman says.

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