The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

Friday, August 26, 2016

What's Beautiful

What's beautiful is the human capabilities, whether they be good or bad. It is beautiful how powerful a simple human can be without even knowing it.

The good side of the beauty is that humans have a wide ability to do great things. They can brighten up one person's day, or many others. Some reach out and help when they don't really have to, as in volunteering. Another thing is their intelligence and their creativity, inventing things that can improve the lives of many people, or make living a little more easier.

The bad side of the beauty is that humans have the tendencies to do inhumane things. They can either make some one's day or completely ruin it. They can cause war, death, and global warming. A close friend that you thought cared will all of a sudden destroy the relationship. The bad thing about the beauty is that though one person can much joy, it only takes one person to create a living Hell.

Hopefully, that doesn't sound to pessimistic. Humans are a great species of animals, but, they seem to almost be doing more bad than good. It is so funny how many problems around the world could be solved if humans would take the time to listen to each other and cooperate.

It is possible to rid the world of it's big problems, because humanity is beautiful and capable of doing so.

They just choose not to.

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  1. What are your human capabilities you use the best? And how have you worked on them?