The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

The Punisher is my Spirit Animal

Friday, August 26, 2016

I am the Pencil

I am the pencil.  When sharp, I can write decently and draw well enough.  That fact really depends on what I am going through.  Like for instance; I have been working on this book series, The Unknown Series, for approximately 4-5 years, and was productive in my work until I went “dull” near the beginning of high school at Mount Miguel.  Due to all of the distraction I was always unsatisfied with any kind of work, whether it be homework or personal, that I did.  I am my worst critic.  Like how the eraser rids the paper of the words, I have scrapped entire novel’s worth of writing from my life.
I am the pencil.  I am constantly thinking and popping out new ideas for novels, mangas, anime, and movies.  I don’t think I can keep track of much of them, which is also one of the reasons that I can’t seem to focus on just one idea.  I have started at least 1,000 novels, but never finished them. Want a few titles? The Unknown Series, The Skies, Gravity Fighters, It’s Just a Phase, Zonia, ColorFall, and etc.  Animes and manga you ask? Gravity Fighters, Dragon Pirates, American Otakus, and a few others.  Like the pencil, I am not always “on point.”

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